projectRecent Projects

  • CARE Syria / CARE UK (2018 – present): Syria: Qualitative research on resilience among Syrians affected by ongoing conflict and displacement, managing international team of 3 and virtually hiring and managing 16-person field team inside Syria conducting 6-month study to inform CARE’s resilience conceptual framework and subsequent programming; additional similar research on refugees in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon during 2019 with additional field teams
  • Plan UK (2014 – 2018) Baseline, Midline, and Endline Evaluations (qualitative and quantitative) and Thought Leadership thematic research (funded by Credit Suisse) programme on Financial and Life Skills Education for adolescent girls and boys in India, Rwanda, China and Brazil. 
At midline, led research on thought leadership research question exploring contextual factors related to girls’ economic empowerment.
  • Millennium Challenge Corporation (2013 – 2014; 2017 – 2018): Liberia Compact Development Process and then development social gender integration plan for transportation (roads) and energy (hydroelectric) investments, provided Social and Gender Specialist
  • IMPAQ for USDA / Save the Children (2018). Liberia : Providing technical support on development, analysis and reporting of qualitative baseline evaluation of food for education (FFE)) LEARN program; assisting in mobilization of field teams for quantitative and qualitative portions of evaluation.
  • Dexis for USAID (2018 – Present). Bangladesh. Providing inputs to tool development and analysis of USAID’s qualitative Rapid Education and Risks Analysis (RERA) among host communities impacted by Rohingya influx and other contextual risks in Bangladesh
  • The Global Citizens Initiative (2016 and 2017). Liberia. Designing, planning, overseeing, analysis and reporting on baseline and endline impact study for intervention to increase citizen engagement along with reporting/ response to child rape cases using SMS technology in Liberia
  • ArcelorMittal Liberia / ERM (2016) . Liberia. Advising ERM team on preparation of social/cultural baseline fieldwork for extension phase of mining activities in Northern Liberia; identifying field team, preparing scoping data and data collection tools, inputs on reporting
  • Norwegian Church Aid (2014 and 2016): Democratic Republic of Congo: Baseline Evaluation (mixed methods) and (18 months later) Midline Evaluation on NCA’s Gender Based Violence reduction program in North and South Kivu regions in DRC; supervising Team Leader, field coordinator (virtually); leading on all quantitative work and oversight of qualitative data coding and analysis; leading report writing
  • Save the Children (2015): Liberia. Evaluation (mixed methods) of Ebola Community Care Centers in Margibi. Survey of all patients; qualitative research with patients, community members, staff and volunteers.
  • UNWomen (2015): Papua New Guinea. Baseline Evaluation (mixed methods) on Port Moresby Safe Cities Initiative (with Indevelop), focusing on women’s safety in city markets / bus transport.
  • Hifab for Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (2014): Liberia, Liberia – Swedish Feeder Roads Project, Research and design of pilot project incorporating women into road works; implementing community-level safeguard mechanisms for SGBV (fieldwork on hold due to Ebola outbreak)
  • UNWomen (2014 – 2015): Liberia: Team Leader / Qualitative Specialist for baseline evaluation on women’s economic, social and security status; Peace Building Fund Projects in Liberia (restarted in Jan 2015 after fieldwork interruption due to Ebola outbreak) (with Indevelop)
  • Plan UK (2013 – 2014): Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Pakistan, Cambodia, El Salvador, PPA Building Skills 4 Life, Lead Consultant for Year 3 Evaluation, qualitative lead; managing each country field team; conducting meta-analysis
  • Plan UK (2013): Sierra Leone, Girls’ Education Challenge (DFID-funded) Baseline Evaluation: Qualitative and quantitative quasi-experimental study
  • Unicef (2013): Liberia: Baseline evaluation on Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy Programme (with Indevelop)
  • The Cadmus Group for USAID (2012-2013): Liberia, Rural road repair Social Impact Assessment